Laticia R. Little, M. Msc.  is the Spiritual Director of Spirit Led Life Center. She is a teacher, author and transformation coach with a passion for cultivating peace, harmony, love and joy into the world through the gift of Universal truths found in all religions.   Laticia was blessed to have a strong connection with the Divine all her life.  As a little girl she saw visions and articulated things a small child should not have known.  Even as a child she knew that God was TOO BIG to be placed in a box and so she sought God in everything.  This seeking lead her to explore the teachings of different cultures and their religions or philosophies on God; ultimately causing her to develop an understanding of God that merged them all into a powerful holistic approach to a spirit led life.  This new approach was the inspiration for the creation of Spirit Led Life Spiritual Learning Center.

Laticia believes life itself is one of our many greats teacher.  Giving us lessons that transform us and bring us closer to becoming our True-self.  It was during one of these “life lesson” that she noticed a tree outside of her window, (whom she eventually named “Abraham”) that brought her to pen her experience.  The book “Life Lessons from the Bible Vol. I” takes a deeper look into the meaning of personal trials and challenges.  It chronicles Laticia’s journey of personal transformation and sheds light on the life changing secrets found in the historical text of the Bible.  She has now completed Life’s Lessons from the Bible Vol. II, a continuation of the story of Abraham (the tree) and the life-giving message he came to bring.  Laticia is determined to share life giving wisdom with others who are simply on life’s journey confused, frustrated and disappointed.

Laticia holds a master’s degree in Metaphysics through the International Ministry of Metaphysics and is currently working on her Doctorate in Divinity through the University of Sedona.  Additionally, she holds an advanced Coaching certificate from Coach U, a Certificate in Civil Mediation, Level II Reiki Master and holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Middle Georgia State University.  .

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